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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 20, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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we are just a little more than a week away from a five-day closure of the bay bridge over the labor day weekend. that will allow workers to finish the last minute details needed to open the brand new span for traffic. >> it's been nearly a quarter of a century to get to this point after the 1989 quake damaged the bridge. the transition to the new span is expected to create monumental traffic jams around the bay. we're near the bridge with more. reporter: these cars behind me?
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two weeks from today they will be driving straight where i'm standing on to the new bridge, and caltrans officials invite ode us up on to the bridge today to show us what they have left to do. they also want this to serve as a reminder for everyone that a closure is comping, and that's when the new bridge -- after that the new bridge will open. coming out of the toll plaza is where one of the biggest jobs will take place. they have 0 grind a new path for drivers. one of the many chores left to do and i asked the staff about the mood of the staff. >> i would say there's energy but everyone is very confident this work is go to be getting done. this is important, critical work, to connect the bridge. but we have done much more complicated work during past closures. reporter: here's a list of what is left to do. striping so you can see the
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lanes. painting on the actual bridge and on the rails. electrical work, including connecting the lights and testing them. erect a barrier, the rail in some places, and some road work to do like putting hinges in place. sounds like a lot. they say this isn't tough work but takes time. paint has to dry. striching has to dry. that's why the bridges will be closed for so long and they want you to put on your calendar, wednesday, august 28th, closing at 8:00 p.m., both the bridges, old and new, and there will be no east bay bridge. and then the plan is to open the new bridge on tuesday morning, right after labor day, at 5:00 in the morning. i did ask, could you open earlier? if you get your work done sooner? he said, that is a possibility. live in oakland, abc7 news. >> and that closure comes one week from tomorrow. it starts next wednesday, late in the evening, and will wrap up
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to five days and will re open the day after labor day. >> ac transit is offering extra bus service to some b.a.r.t. stations. b.a.r.t. will also be operating trains around the clock at several stations and san francisco bay ferry is expand its schedule. >> if you have to drive during the shutdown, download or traffic app to get around the gridlock. and follow us for bay bridge updates. >> caltrans is not sure why some of the lights went out of the bay bridge this morning. this is what it looked like at 6:00 a.m. the western portion of the bridge on the buyer lower -- the buyer lower deck were dark. the teams reset the sense
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sensor system. >> time to check in with mike for a look at what the weather looks like. >> the overview of the entire area under the high fire danger. everything in red here, where we're looking at, the north and bay area. so let's talk about the east bay. the valleys. the mountains. diablo range. the santa cruz mountains. the time frame has been extended until midnight. it was exposed to expire about four minutes ago. now midnight with the threat of fires due to dry thunderstorms. now, north bay, i have through 5:00. so you are going to be under the gun a little longer. 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. right now everything is pretty quiet on live doppler 7hd. our best radar returns-under of the ocean and they're moving away. and up north we have some radar returns but those are rotating to the west northwest away from us. so we're going to look down to the southeast, around fresno and
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bakersfield, and right now there's nothing brewing right there. doesn't mean one couldn't pop so keep aware we're still under a high fire danger. >> speaking of lightning strikes, did you see the light show overnight? thousands of strikes, all across the bay area, and they were mighty spectacular. ama daetz is here to show you some of the most amazing images. >> ama: it was quite the display of lightning. the national weather service says there were more than 15,000 strikes overnight. if you somehow missed the show, here's a look at what we saw. >> thunderstorms across the bay area brought flashes of light across the night sky. these strikes illuminated the night over emeryville. the national weather service bay area tweeted that in just one hour this morning, there were 135 strikes over the pacific. most of the spectacular lightning show was over the ocean. but san mateo county saw several great flashes and the north and east bay saw their share as well. this amazing photo was taken by
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mike, it shows an impressive strike over pacifica. a dueling light show over san francisco. vicki says, the thunder, was drowned out by the sound of the wind and waves crashing to shore. >> this instagram photo shows a bolt of energy just beyond at&t park. unfortunately, it wasn't enough to ignite the giants against the red sox last night. a loss for the giants but a flashy show for the fans. >> hopefully we'll be a little better tonight. what we saw last night was pretty rare so if you are hoping for a repeat, not looking good. >> i'll live with it. >> new this morning, driver was seriously hurt in fremont when a dump truck jumped a center median and hit a car coming in the other direction. the woman driving the car was sent to a trauma center for treatment.
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the dump truck driver received only minor injuries. roads were closed for two hours. san jose police are investigating a triple shooting that left one man dad. it happened shortly after 10:00 last night. at a restaurant and bar. police say the shooter fired from outside through the windows, into the restaurant. there were about 15 people inside at the time. three people were hit. one man was killed. the other two are expected to survive. >> developing news in pittsburg, police are investigating an attack on a mother of two during a home invasion robbery about 10:00 last night. police say mom and her two little kids, three and six, were sleeping when two men forced their way in. one man attacked the woman as she tried to push a panic alarm. the mother is expected to be fine. >> thus morning, san jose schools are back in section and so is a program to keep kids in class and out of trouble.
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the aim is to cut down on crime to use police to track down truants. we're live with more. reporter: we're standing in the processing center where the program take place. basically if a kid is caught out in the streets by officers, when they should be in clays, they're taken here. tap stands for truancy abatement burglary supression. three officers are assigned to the beat. if they comp across a kid that should be in class they can bring him here to the processing center. call their parents or take the kid book to class. officers say sometimes the kids are surprised to find out their child is not at school. >> we want them to understand we're here to help to go ahead and see their kid gets back into school. and then the parents having some other issues, we'll go ahead and help them either directly through the police department or other resources. >> officers say past experience
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has shown many daytime burglaries are cometted by kids cutting class. there will record numbers of burglaries in san jose last year, and they're up 4%. to give you an idea how many kids the officers contact 25, were contacted by officers yesterday, and so far today, six to ten kids were contacted in the field. reporting live, abc7 news. >> back to school in the bay area means alarm clocks are being set earlier and earlier. you can download our smartphone app to start your day. visit for download details. >> citizen ton beach is getting a lot of attention again. first a beached whale yesterday and now a shark sighting which has shut down the beach for several days. we're live from stinson. wayne? reporter: they may be related,
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we whale yesterday and the shark sighting. let me show you stinson beach. yesterday, packed with people. today, little more foggy, not a lot of people, and nobody swimming. that great white shark was spotted at 3:00 p.m. yesterday by a lifeguard attacking a sea lion offshore, all this not far from the fin whale that died a few yards away. it was a bit bloody yesterday. locals are speculating the blood in the water may have attracted the shark. whatever, whyever, however, stinson beach is closed to swimmers for the next five days, and you. compound that with the fact that up the coast a couple miles muir beach has been closed for scheduled repairs so between stinson and muir beach being closed, not a lot of swimming for anyone along the marin county klose. -- county coast. the lifeguards are making sheer
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people don't go in the waters, we'll try to find the guy who saw that shark attack yesterday and have more for you later today. live at stinson beach. abc7 news. >> up next on abc7 news. why a united airlines flight headed to sfo was forced to turn around. >> the man charged in the wikileaks case heads to court. >> a teenager gets stuck in a chimney. they got him out. what was he
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>> a united airlines flight headed to san francisco from london was forced to return to heathrow after losing cabin pressure. united is inspecting the 747 and is helping passengers rebook flights. >> the u.s. army soldier convicted of leaking u.s. government secrets to wikileaks with heal to wait one more day to find out how much time he will spend in prison. a judge is still deliberating the sentence for private bradley manning and will announce the decision tomorrow morning. manning faces up to 90 years in prison for the biggest leak of classified information in the army's history about the war in afghanistan and iraq. prosecutors say he should be locked up four 60 years. mapping's lawyer says he can be rehabilitated. >> delware's attorney general,
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the son of vice-president joe biden, is undergoing tests. he was admitted after he became weak and disoriented. he began experiencing systems while driving to indiana for family vacation. the white house says vice-president joe biden is with his son in houston. this is not the first health care for beau. he suffered a mild stroke in 1020. >> a 16-year-old boy is in good condition after getting stuck in a chimney. firefighters were called out to this home in los angeles after the home owner heard noises inside the chimney. there was a family friend about ten feet down from the top. took firefighters 30 minutes to rescue the teen. he had a few scratches. didn't seem too upset as he waved to the cameras. police were interviewing the young man to see if he was trying to burglarize the home. >> he might not bet too upset but the parents smooths -- parentses might be.
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>> makes me claustrophobic. >> good morning. the clouds have retreated back to the coast. we're looking for the big, puffy, cumulonimbus clouds.
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everybody knows the name elmore leonard. the 87-year-old writer died at his michigan home this morning after suffering a stroke. he is best known for "get
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shorty" and wrote more than 40 novels and the first crime writer to receive the national book award. >> great writer. a fire burning near yosemite national park has grown to more than 10,000-acres and is zero percent contained. the rimfire started in remote terrain but has jumped highway 120. evacuation orders have been given after two homes were destroyed and no westbound traffic is being allowed to leave the park because of fire danger. >> firefighters have made some major progress overnight in the fire burning in butte county. cal fire says the fire south of chico is now 75% contained and holding at 2100 acres. firefighters managed to save all but one home and a few outbuildings. since the light inning sparked fire broke out on friday. >> our troubles, a potential because of the red flag warning. >> what we dealt with was
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unusual, 15,000 lightning strikes. not going to happen tonight but the possibility is it only takes one lightning strike to start a fire. here's a look at the radar and the satellite. you can see the low spinning offshore. you can see the little curl right here in the cloud cover. that's pushing the best energy to the north and off to the east. visibilities are running well right now but we still have some fog at sfo, to check out our flight tracker. oakland, san jose, running on time. oakland, only 60 right now. 66 in san francisco. 59 at half moon bay. mid-to-upper 70s in the east bay valleys and down into san jose. right now the warm spot, fremont, and looks nice in san jose from our camera here. you can see downtown awash in
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sunlight. a smaller chance of storms today and tomorrow and that's why the high fire danger continues. a little warming trend thursday and friday. for today, low to mid-80s for most of the santa clara counties. we'll hang out in low to mid-sevenning in. san mateo, mid-to-upper 70s. at the coast, mid-60s, most of the north bay the and watch 74 in oakland for a cool spot, and 80 in fremont, and it's not going to be quite as uncomfortable in the east bay valleys. temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s, still possible. just get the humidity out of the house during the evening, a couple of games tonight. maybe the fireworks on the field will be more impressive, even at
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the a's game. 66 downto 60. imagine sitting in the stands and watching that lightning? surprised they didn't postpone the game. at&t park, giants and red sox, a little cooler here. temperatures tonight, fairly mild. mid-50s. we could ha mid-60s around livermore and antioch for the warm spot. here's a look at the area of low pressure over the last 12 years. kind of moving to the north. notice yesterday we were tracking the storms around fresno, bakersfield, moving up towards tracy. i don't see a very big wave of energy like that coming at it, because we have weaker waves we're going to develop less thunderstorm chances. the best chance will be up in the sierra where it's naturally lifted by the extra tall mountains there. and wednesday, the drier air starts to spread north.
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thursday we can call off the threat. and then the sea breeze cames in, so morning clouds will stay around a little longer and highs a little cooler saturday and sunday. so not out of the woods yet but not a repeat of yesterday. >> that's good to hear. >> and we'll be back in just a moment. >> we'll meet the newest member of the obama family
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>> a good remindser of or wave app to get around the problems from closing the bay bridge. coming up at 3:00, we're not going to take it. solutions for people driving you nuts. >> then at 4:00, making a dorm room feel like your home. we team up with consumer reports for the best buys in dorm room appliances. >> the first family is a little big are this morning. >> there's a new dog, sunny, and
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she is the other dog. they get along wail. >> this video released of them playing. sunny is a portuguese water dog and was born last year. >> got right to work exploring the grounds. wondering how she got her name? >> they say it's because of her sunny disposition. >> goodbye.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> thank you, guys. hi, honey. [smooches] welcome back, baby. hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. it is magical family getaway week. and today's returning contestant has already won a trip to new fantasyland in walt disney world, and she's also won $55,600. just 2 questions away from round 2. from philadelphia, please welcome debora gossett-rivers. [cheers and applause] all right, debora, you've got the trip. you got a lot of money up there already. i know the trip means a lot to you. talk to me a little bit about that money as well. >> well, my daughters told me to come back with a souvenir and


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